"Brackenhill Tumbelina" 3 years from James Taylor's Brackenhill Stables  14 h

Tumbelina is a stunning red and white tobiano filly from the famous Brackenhill Stables in Durham, UK.  We are very fortunate to have purchased Tumbelina in 2010 and we are so happy with her, she just melts your heart.  Tumbelina is sweet, playful and such a delight to be with.  

Tumbelina's sire is none other than the unbelievable stallion Tumbler who now resides in the US with Guthrie Gypsy Horses.  We are very proud to own one of his foals and understand her to be the only progeny of Tumbler in Australia.

Tumbelina's foals will be available for sale in the future.

 "Dragonfire Serenity" 3 years - Dragonfire Harmony x Pendragon - 14 h

Serenity is a phenomenal filly, black and white tobiano, now rising 3 from Ingrid Smith in California USA.  Serenity is one of the most feathered, heavy boned and well mannered Gypsy Cobs I have met.  Serenity's sire is Pendragon, a Lion King son and her dam is Dragonfire Harmony an outstanding, beautiful mare with stunning movement which Serenity has inherited.

We took Serenity to the Gatton Heavy Horse show in 2011 for a breed display and she was so willing and relaxed we look forward to showing her again soon. 

Serenity takes my breath away and of those that meet her, she is truly even more beautiful in the flesh.  We can't wait to see what Serenity produces. Her foals will be available for sale in the future.
"Arcadian Tinkerbell" 3 year old Gypsy Vanner mare from Arcadian Stables  15.1h

Tinkerbell is an outstanding Gypsy Vanner mare.  Tinkerbell's sire is the magnificent Arcadian Cahirmee and her dam is a foundation Gypsy Vanner.  She is dna registered with the GVCS as a Gypsy Vanner.

Tinkerbell is a stunning mare with a wonderful temperament and fantastic presence, she has the most pearlescent coat which she passes on to her foals as we have seen with her first foal. 

Tinkerbell has now proven herself as an outstanding broodmare and fantastic mother, this mare is one very special girl.  Tinkerbell has now foaled an outstanding filly by The Welsh Tornado, born 2nd Sept, 2013, "Mountain Park Tiger Lily", Tiger Lily is for sale. 


"Clononeen Sassy" 5 years -  from Clononeen Farm UK - 14h

Sassy is a black and white tobiano mare from Deirdre Cash at Clononeen Stables in the UK.  Sassy is homozygous tobiano so she will always throw coloured foals.  We are very excited for Sassy to join our breeding program adding true traditional Gypsy cob bloodlines. 

Sassy has foaled an outstanding homozygous tobiano colt by Clononeen 007 in 2012, who is for sale.  
Sassy is now in foal to Hugo Boss for 2013.